• Tattooing Lessons (3 Lessons)

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    Tattooing Classes

    Only $34.99 Each Lesson... Tattoo Kit Included. . .

    Start your tattooing classes today. The classes will teach you everything you need to know and will include your very own tattooing kit, all equipment and supplies needed; everything you need to start today.

    The kit includes everything from inks, fake skins, needles, machine (tattoo gun), power supply, and much more.
    The class curriculum will include; 
    1. Learn Your Machine
    2. How To Use a Tattoo machine
    3. Machine Parts & Assembly 
    4. Preparations & Sterilization 
    5. Anatomy, Choosing The 
    Right Design, & Proper Placement
    6. Apply Stencils
    7. Exploring Ink, Bases, & Pigment
    8. Needles & Uses
    9. Shading & Coloring
    10. Clean Up Procedures
    11. Caring For A Tattoo