• Photography Lesson


    Photography Lesson

    Get A Lesson In Photography

    Lesson includes instruction from a schooled professional.
    Learn your camera, 
    we will conduct exercises to make students more familiar with using their cameras and professional cameras like ours. We will produce average photos that you'd see everyday as well as challenge the student to take experimental photos; taking their skills to the next level. 

    We introduce students the different elements of a camera and cover the proper terminology used. We cover theory and much more; shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance. We will cover any and everything you may want and need to know to become an amazing photographer today! 

        Lessons Include the following utensils and tools; 
    • Camera Included;  Canon EOS Rebel T3i (EOS 600D) 18 Megapixels
    • 3- Lenses; 75-300mm, 50-100mm, & 58MM 0.43 HD Wide Angle Lens w/Macro Portion
    • Studio Lighting Light Video Photo Softbox Photography Kit Backdrop Muslin