• Drawing Lessons (3 Lessons)

    $119.97 $104.97

    Drawing Lesson 3+ Lessons:$34.99 each

    With 3 or More Classes The Following Supplies Are Included & Yours To Keep:

    • Strathmore Premium Drawing Paper
    • Royal & Langnickle Essential Drawing Pencils

    And your choice between:

    • Prismacolor Premier Color Pencils
    • Crayola Trayola 54 Pack 

    You’ll be taught by a professional the basics of color and composition in classes fine-tuned to your interests and age group. These classes will teach you how to draw the things you love and are interested in. You’ll also learn different techniques so you can find what styles suit you best. The curriculum taught is what you would learn at the most renowned  art schools. Sign up now.