"Enable The Creator"

We provide an environment for artist to showcase their talents, practice their craft and collaborate with others. Our goal is to enable the inner creator within us all and to benefit the community with a space to be creative. At our studio, we offer multiple means of expressing yourself as an artist.


Founder- Michael Dewilde

Michael DeWilde is the founder of Your Art Studio and My Haven's Chair. He was born in San Francisco and moved to Contra Costa County at an early age. During his childhood his father committed suicide, and his mother struggled with substance abuse in his early years of adolescence. His mother found a man willing to take on the responsibilities of a father and adopted Michael. They decided to move to Oakley to get away from drugs and start over. Over time his mother and new father got clean from drugs and thoroughly transformed their lives, but the effects from Michael's childhood still haunted him. By the age of 16 he was experimenting with multiple illegal substances, until he learned how to express himself through art and music. During his struggle he lost several jobs and didn't have a place to live. After living in storage units and garages he eventually became financially sound and has put his energy into trying to become a successful businessman.

He is now what most would consider a positive member of society. He is constantly trying to improve and better himself. He found an outlet to his ignorance in writing, music, studying, and business. He is a few classes away from having a degree in Recording Arts, a year

away from a degree in fashion design, and has studied several classes in Electrical Engineering.

He is a self-published author, musician, music engineer & producer, and is always looking for opportunities to advance himself and those who surrounds him.

Manager - Jennifer Garrison

Jennifer Garrison is Your Art Studio's Facility Manager and My Haven's Secretary. Jennifer is a California native who's lived in a few different places around California. Her mother struggled with drug abuse and her father was imprisoned at a very young age, this had a profound effect on Jennifer's life. She lived with several different family members throughout her childhood. Not

having her parents around and being raised by several different people caused emotional trauma.

The foundation of having a sound family was not there. Jennifer struggled with substance abuse for some time and had come to a point where she was in jeopardy of losing her life. Later in her adolescence she was adopted by an amazing family who taught her key morals, love, and guided her in life. She is now a phenomenal mother of 4 and aside from being a full time mom she is the backbone to our facility. She is often preparing and hosting our events, parties and much more.

Manager - Joshua Pixton

Joshua Pixton plays a pivotal role here at Your Art Studio. Joshua is a native to Antioch California. He and his family had their obstacles; his mother is visually impaired and his brother seemed to find himself in a lot of trouble. This affected Joshua greatly. Joshua struggled with fitting in as a child and was regularly picked on and bullied. Because of this struggle to fit in he experienced depression. Along with his depression came suicidal thoughts. Joshua later found an outlet through music and art. He continues utilizing these outlets to express himself as an artist an individual. While working full time at another occupation he also

finds time to pursue his passions and teach students here. He leads a majority of our instrumental lessons. He is a very talented musician of all sorts and is skilled in multiple instruments. He is working on a certificate in Recording Art and plans to finish with a degree. He

is constantly working on his engineering and production skills and continues to better himself as

an artist.

Intern - John Mason

John had a great childhood spending time with family and friends. However, upon entering high school John began to blindly go down the wrong path, giving into peer pressure, and doing drugs. This eventually culminated into John developing a serious anxiety illness, for which he called on the name of Jesus and thus received a new life and peace of mind. Going forward into his new ways John experienced heartbreak with the passing of his father when he was 18. John needed something to keep him busy and this need brought him into the

artistic, and at times therapeutic, world music which he now is pursuing as a career.

Intern - Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez

Intern - Kava Mataele
Kava Mataele

Intern - Jared Cummings
Jared Cummings

Intern - Jordan Ybanez
Jordan Ybanez

Intern - Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez is a college student that attends the local community college. He is the son of a father in the military and son of a mother training to be a nurse. At a young age his family was split apart and he moved between them every couple years. He graduated high school in the year 2015 and moved up to Canada for 2 years to attend college. He moved back early December and relocated to Pittsburg from San Ramon. Javier majors in business with an interest to minor in audio engineering. He currently spends his time producing beats on Ableton and started an internship at Your Arts Studio with hope of learning other programs, mixing, mastering, and working with upcoming Artists. He strives to bring the most out of artists he works with and put in his own flavor to the projects he works on. He hopes to be a future notable name in the producing community and music industry as a whole.