Our Staff

Michael DeWilde is the founder of Your Art Studio. He was born in San Francisco and moved to Contra Costa County at an early. During his childhood his father committed suicide, and his mother struggled with substance abuse in his early years of adolescence. His mother found a man willing to take on the responsibilities of a father and adopted Michael. After they struggled with substance abuse for a period of time, they decided to move to Oakley to get away from drugs and start over. Over time his mother and new father got clean from drugs and thoroughly transformed their lives, but the effects from Michael's childhood still haunted him. By the age of 16 he was experimenting with multiple illegal substances, until he learned how to express myself through art and music. During his struggle he managed to lose several jobs and didn't have a place to live. After living storage units, and garages he eventually became financially sound and has put his energy into trying to become a successful business man.

Since then he now has a home and is what most would consider a positive member of society. He is constantly trying to improve and better himself. He found an outlet to his ignorance in writing, music, and studying. He is a few classes away from having a degree in Recording Arts, a year away from a degree in fashion design, and has studied several classes in Electrical Engineering. Michael has concluded school may not be the best route for himself. Michael currently an operator at a renowned steel mill, USS Posco. He is also a self-published author, a musician, a musical engineer, and a music producer. He has performed with industry moguls like Tech N9ne, and is always looking for opportunities to advance himself and everyone who surrounds him.

He had the power to overcome adversity and strive to continue to do so daily; but in some cases people may not have the will or opportunities to do so. He felt that if he had had a place to be productive like the facility he has created, his youth would have been less troubled; some of the problems wouldn't have been as adverse. This is why he created "Your Art Studio"; to eliminate some of the adversity today's youth are experiencing. To present an opportunity for growth and an alternative to foolish decisions. To offer a place for children, youth, and young adults to express themselves instead of diving into substance abuse and other negative extracurricular activities.  

Jennifer Garrison is Your Art Studio's Facility Manager. Jennifer is a California native who's lived in a few different places around California. Her mother struggled with drug abuse and her father was imprisoned at a very young age, this had a profound effect on Jennifer's life. She lived with several different family members throughout her childhood. Not having her parents around and being raised by several different and constantly changing role-models caused emotional trauma. The foundation of having a sound family was not there. Jennifer struggled with substance abuse for some time and had come to a point where she was in jeopardy of losing her life. Later in her adolescence she was adopted by an amazing family. This family helped Jennifer learn what having a loving family is really like and helped develop her into the amazing woman she is today. She is now an amazing house wife and phenomenal mother of 4. Jennifer is Michael DeWilde's significant other, besides being a full time mom she is the backbone to our facility. She is often preparing and hosting our events and parties; while cleaning up after all of our messy artists.

Joshua Pixton plays a pivotal role here at Your Art Studio. Joshua is a native to Antioch California. Joshua and his family had their obstacles; his mother is visually impaired and his brother seemed to find himself in a lot of trouble. This effected Joshua heavily. Joshua struggled with fitting in as a child and was regularly picked on and bullied. Because of this struggle to fit in he experienced depression. Along with his depression came suicidal thoughts and contemplation. Joshua later found an outlet through music and art. He continues utilizing these outlets to express himself as an artist an individual. While working full time at another occupation he also finds time to pursue his passions and teach students here. He leads a majority of our instrumental lessons and is quite the rockstar. He is a very talented musician of all sorts and is skilled in multiple instruments. He also is working on a certificate in Recording Art and plans to finish with a degree when he can find time to finish attending school. He is constantly working on his engineering and production skills and continues to better himself as an artist. We are honored and proud to have Joshua as a part of our team! We expect great things from Joshua and can't wait to hear and see what beautiful art and music he makes next.

Nico Cordero is originally from Rodeo and now lives in Antioch. Nico found himself getting into a lot of trouble in his adolescence. Nico's family struggled financially and Nico felt obligated to help provide and tried to do his part financially. Nico fell into the way of the streets to find his extra income, selling drugs and hustling any way possible. These activities led Nico down a very negative path, ending him up in jail and facing multiple felony charges.  After doing his time Nico has changed his ways and is now pursuing music and producing to stay out of trouble. Nico has put the street mentality behind him and is exploring business and music instead. Nico is learning production and is steadily working on his career as a rapper. Nico goes by the rap name "Young Guala" and is known for having a very fast delivery mixed with catchy melodic hooks. He is by far one of the Bay's best rappers. He is currently a Senior at Bidwell H.S. and will be graduating very shortly. Nico was looking for an outlet and has found one here with us at the studio. We are proud to have his as part of our team and we couldn't do it without him. We expect great things from Nico in the future and can't wait to see the things he will accomplish. Find his music here; soundcloud.com/younggualafinessen